Dealing with complaints

One of the SSSC’s primary responsibilities is to make sure that people on our Register meet the highest possible standards and to take action if workers aren’t. In this issue we answer your questions about how we deal with complaints regarding workers.
What complaints can the SSSC deal with?

We can consider complaints about a social service worker who is registered with the SSSC and complaints about a worker’s conduct that call into question their suitability to be on the Register.

We cannot consider complaints about services or resources, eg we cannot change the amount of care that someone receives, complaints about organisations, complaints about workers who are not registered with us or complaints which are about not liking the worker or their decisions unless there is an allegation of behaviour which affects an individual’s suitability to be on the Register.

How do I make a complaint against a social service worker?

Complaints are usually most effectively dealt with by the employer of the registered worker.

We can only take a complaint forward if there is enough evidence that the alleged event took place and that, if proved, they would be likely to result in the worker being warned, suspended or removed from the Register or having a condition place on their registration.

Find out more, including the complaint form on our website:

Where do I find out about conduct hearings?

Visit our Fitness to practise section of our website to see a list of forthcoming conduct hearings. This includes information on officer sanctions and interim orders.

Officer sanctions are where SSSC officers consider that there is sufficient evidence to support an allegation of misconduct, subject to the agreement of the registrant, it is open to officers to place conditions or a warning on a registrant’s registration without the need for a Conduct Sub-committee.

Interim orders suspend a registrant’s registration and/or impose conditions on registration until allegations can by fully investigated.

When does information about conduct hearings appear on the website?

Cases appear on our website one week before they are due to be heard.

What action can you take against a registered social service worker?

If a social service worker is found guilty of misconduct we can take a number of actions. This includes:

  • issue a warning that is kept on the worker’s record for a period of up to five years
  • place conditions on the worker’s registration eg require them to complete specific training
  • suspend the worker from the register for up to two years
  • remove the worker from the register.

View the full list of actions on our website:

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