Go for it – gaining qualifications

Are you or will you have to gain a qualification to meet your SSSC registration? Debbie Barclay, an Assistant Play Worker at the Out of School Care Service in Inverclyde tells us about the challenges she faced recently when undertaking a qualification.

Inverclyde’s Out of School Care Service offers many opportunities for children. They have the chance to engage in lots of fun packed activities including den building, arts and crafts, baking, physical activities, construction as well as the chance to meet new friends.

About me

I have always enjoyed helping and looking after children from a young age. This helped me decide on working in early years as a career. Before starting working in an early years setting I gained a Classroom Assistant and Intermediate Children and Education qualification to gain some knowledge of the sector.


I recently completed the SVQ level 2 in Playwork through Enterprise Childcare. It took me two and a half years to complete it. At the start I never knew what to do or what was expected and I struggled a bit but once I got the hang of it, it was fine.

Since completing the qualification I feel I am more confident in carrying out my work in my current role. I also feel more confident when answering questions from the Care Inspectorate when they inspect the service. If you are about to undertake a qualification don’t worry, once you get the hang of it you will fly through it.

A career in early years

If you are thinking about a career in early years I would say to go for it! The job is rewarding and you can learn so much about different things and it is so enjoyable.

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Have you gained a qualification to meet SSSC registration requirements or for personal development?  What challenges did you face, has it helped in your current practice?  Let us know.

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  1. Janaina

    Feb 16. 2016

    The most challenges is working around the pressure by emplyoers putting your shoulder to finish the course in my case SVQ 2 Health and Social Care , and working towards for gainnning the qualification on timeframe is quite dificult spare time to putting bread on table , studying and get everything in order is difficult as social worker in my case as bank i cant say no every time because you had bills to paying and bread to putting on table and another hand , your boss keep saying if you not finish ill not be able to keeping working for us , these pressure and housewife duties , social worker , mum sometimes make you asking yourself I REALLY NEED THESE if the another girls didnt even need open the book to be a CARER ? but the voice inside me keep said in end the day ill be able to provide a better care and make HUGE difference in people life and ill be proud to said loud was a tears ,tireness but i did it against the odds and with the support of my tutor and my rock hubby …:)
    as mention is more hard as BANK staff , but isnt impossible ! ill make it ! finger cross for me 🙂

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