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The SSSC Council is made up of our Convener, Garry Coutts and nine Council Members. The Council Members are appointed by Scottish Ministers. In late August 2012 five new Council Members joined the SSSC and in this issue of SSSC news we hear from one our new members, Julia Edey.
Julia Edey

Julia Edey

Last year I applied to join the SSSC as a Council Member, and was delighted when selected as one of five new members who joined the Council in the autumn. We bring a range of quite different, but complementary, experience to add to that of the existing Council Members. My own background includes management experience in both health and social services and I have recently completed a six-year term of office as a board member with NHS Borders.

So, what does a board member at the SSSC actually do?

The role includes participating at Council meetings and committees, helping to shape corporate documents such as the strategic plan, monitoring performance, and contributing my ideas on how we can take the SSSC forward over the coming years. To be an effective board member I believe it is essential to get out and about meeting people involved in care and support services.

I enjoyed meeting some of you at the Workforce of the Future Challenge event in December 2012 and it will be very interesting to hear how the innovative ideas which have been adopted are progressed.

Council Members have a programme of visiting services across Scotland and my first visit will be to a service providing care and support to people living with HIV or Hepatitis C. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet both staff and people who use services and their families. I will also be participating in the judging for the Care Accolades 2013 and it will be very interesting to see the entries this year. The winners from 2012 have set a very impressive standard!

As part of my induction programme I will spend time with each of the teams within the SSSC. This will enable me to gain a better understanding of the organisation and the important work it undertakes in promoting and supporting the sector.

Exciting times

Looking forward, I see this as a very exciting time for social services in Scotland. As a board member of NHS Borders I was involved in the joint Community Health and Care Partnership with Scottish Borders Council. Part of my motivation in applying to join the board of the SSSC was my interest in the implementation of more integrated health and social services. The forthcoming legislation will give added impetus to both sectors in taking forward and building on some of the very successful and innovative care and support services already in place across many parts of the country.

The SSSC has an integral role in helping to ensure that we collectively rise to the challenge of re-shaping services and I am looking forward to contributing to this as a Council Member.

“The SSSC has an integral role in helping to ensure that we collectively rise to the challenge of re-shaping services, and I am looking forward to contributing to this as a Council Member.”

Want to find out more about the work of the SSSC?

Remember you can come along to our Council meetings which are held throughout the year and you can see the minutes from previous meetings on our website. Find out more by visiting: www.sssc.uk.com

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