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Keith Quinn

Keith Quinn

Earlier this summer, Keith Quinn, SSSC Senior Workforce Development and Planning Adviser, was invited to speak at the world’s largest mobile learning conference, mLearnCon.   Keith tells us more about the event.

This prestigious event is organised by the eLearning Guild, the oldest and most trusted source of information, networking, and community for eLearning Professionals.

It was held in San Diego, USA over three days and catered for more than 1,000 delegates representing corporate learning and development, the academic community and the standards and technology innovation world.

The conference is run on a huge scale, with 108 workshops, six keynote addresses, a large vendor exhibition area (also running informal presentations) and a massive technology demo fest (where exhibitors and presenters gave “hands on” opportunities to try out some of the technologies showcased throughout the event.

There were some exciting technologies being showcased at the event including, a smartphone based system for recording, assessing and storing practice based learning; a demonstration of iBeacons in a learning context (see an explanation of the technology here); a video system where video presentations can be uploaded, transcribed and translated into multiple languages automatically. Lots, and lots of food for thought and ideas to follow up!

What struck me first was the bustle of the event; not one or two sessions, but dozen or more concurrent presentations and workshops every hour for three days.  There were varied and diverse topics from Mobile: exploring the future of learning, through to Assisting Transitioning Vets: a mobile performance case study, by way of Interactive video for training delivery.

My contribution

My contribution to the event was to showcase our work in developing effective elearning for mobile devices.  In the session, I found the audience to be eager to gather as much information and as many ideas as possible.  They were as keen to dig into the evidence base used to develop our work as they were in finding out about the final products.

The audience was keen to explore as many aspects of mobile learning as possible, harvesting as many ideas as possible to take back to their own work situations.

Personally, the one surprising aspect of the event was being left with the notion that, in the USA, there’s still a drive to take a course and squeeze it onto a mobile phone, rather than look at how mobile devices enable you to create very different forms of learning experience.

Overall, this was a wonderful event and I feel privileged to have been invited to speak at it and fortunate to have had the time and opportunity to learn from it as well.

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