Registration of support workers in care home services for adults

Since January 2014 to March 2015 we’ve received over 20,000 applications from support workers in care home services for adults.
We estimate that 3,500  support workers have yet to apply.

What happens next?

All support workers in care home services for adults who have not yet applied should submit their applications as soon as possible.

The information below clarifies when support workers should register:

Support workers who were new to their role after 1 August 2013

Support workers who started in their role after 1 August 2013 must be registered within six months of their start date. It can take up to 60 working days to process applications for registration and we advise workers to submit their application as soon as possible after starting in their role.


Support workers who were in their role before 1 August 2013

Support workers who started in their role before 1 August 2013 have until 30 September 2015 to get registered.

For workers who applied for registration before our 30 September 2014 deadline we will ensure that their registration is complete by 30 September 2015 deadline.  Due to the high numbers of applications we will not deal with these applications with within our normal 60 working days.

For workers who applied after our 30 September 2014 deadline we cannot guarantee that they will be registered by September 2015 but we will work towards achieving this.  If any support workers have missed the deadline it is important that they apply for registration immediately to give them a greater possibility of being registered by the deadline.


Make life easy – use MySSSC

During this busy time for both care home services and the SSSC, we would like to encourage employers to continue supporting their staff during the application process and ask that both workers applying for registration and employers use our online service, MySSSC, to monitor the progress of applications and registrations.

Employers and applicants can also now send qualification information using a new feature on MySSSC which allows verified documents to be uploaded.   Guidance and further details are available on MySSSC.

What happens after 30 September 2015?

From 30 September 2015 it will be compulsory for all support workers in care home services to be registered with the SSSC.

If workers who were in their post before 1 August 2013 did not apply for registration by 30 September 2014 and have not gained registration by 30 September 2015 their employer will be committing an offence by employing them.

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6 Responses to “Registration of support workers in care home services for adults”

  1. Name (required)

    Nov 07. 2014

    Do people working for care at home services need to register just now

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    • Sandra Wilson

      Nov 12. 2014

      Yes, support workers should have applied to register with us by 30 September 2014. If you recently started in your post as a support worker, supervisor or a manager in a care home service for adults you have six months since the date you started to gain registration.

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      • Dafydd McIntosh

        Nov 14. 2014

        The answer supplied to the question posed is not correct. The register for Care at home – workers is not scheduled to open until 2017.

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  2. Sandra Wilson

    Nov 17. 2014

    You’re right, Dafydd. Sorry, I misread the question.

    For care at home and housing support workers the SSSC Register opens:

    Managers – Register opened January 2011. Compulsory registration January 2014.
    Supervisors – Register opens 30 June 2014. Compulsory registration 30 June 2017.
    Workers – Register opens 1 January 2017. Compulsory registration 1 January 2020.

    More information can be found at:

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  3. Name (required)

    Apr 09. 2015

    Will my SVQ level two in care always be enough for me to be on the register for support worker. I am planning to do level three

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