Supporting carers as leaders

We recently delivered a joint event focusing on how workers can support carers to be leaders with our colleagues from Equal Partners in Care (EPiC) .

It was one of a series of leadership events, delivered by the SSSC, which are intended to give an opportunity for workers to spend time reflecting on their current and future practice, sharing experiences and hearing about success stories related to leadership within different areas of health and social care.

SONY DSCAround 30 people attended the Supporting Carer Leadership event which was held in Perth on 5 March 2015.  The event aimed to provide workers with a greater understanding of how working in partnership with carers benefits everyone and gain greater knowledge about resources which are available to support the practice of carers as leaders.

The event was supported by guest speakers, Tim Mineard (Dundee Carers Centre) and Terry Walsh (Dundee Carers Voice); Amy Anderson (Carers Scotland) and Gorden Percy (Carer Ambassador); and Tommy Whitelaw (Dementia Carer Voices).

We found that the main messages from the day were:

  • carers may develop a range of leadership skills and capabilities through their caring experience
  • carers’ stories of their leadership experiences were inspiring
  • every worker can contribute to supporting carers to be leaders
  • even small changes can make a big difference
  • there are resources available to support your learning and practice with carers.

Attendees evaluated the event very positively, highlighting the powerful stories told by guest speakers. Comments included:

“Carers’ stories have been impressive and realise each situation is individual.”

“It has made me understand the full meaning of carer leadership, also how to empower carers’ every day within my job role.”

“It has been very informative in directing towards information online.  Eye opening listening to the carers and unsurprising that the common theme was carers being lonely, frightened and scared.”

“Share information, listen, spend time with people, see them as individuals, and slow down the working pace.”

“Particularly useful all the signposting towards resources which I shall now look at to see how we can incorporate some resources into practice.”

carer2Resources shared on the day to support your practice included:

The Step into Leadership website: has lots of resources to support leadership development including a new section on coaching and mentoring.

Follow the Twitter hashtag #carerleadership to find out more.

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