Scottish Apprenticeship Week at Lullaby Lane

Pauline and Ian Scott

Pauline and Ian Scott

Founded in September 2013, Lullaby Lane Nursery situated inWesterton area of Bearsden, Glasgow has “created a home from home environment, creating secure attachments, through kindness, compassion and cuddles”.  Directors Pauline and Ian Scott take time to tell us about their staff, their modern apprentices and what they’re doing at the nursery for this year’s Scottish Apprenticeship Week.

Lullaby Lane Nursery

Our practice is child led and we aim to meet the needs of every child and family and offer a flexible approach to our delivery.  We currently offer early learning and childcare for 40 children.

We value our staff and the importance of their role and the contribution of every team member.  All decisions are taken by working together with whole team and we make sure that all staff undertake continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities.

We also feel that it’s important to have a modern way of thinking and an openness for new ways of working.

Meet our modern apprentices

IIYP Lullaby Lane Nursery 015

Modern apprentices, Kimberley, Nicole and Colette with Fiona McLeod MSP

We currently employ three modern apprentices (MAs), Colette, Kimberley and Nicole who are employed for the duration of their two year apprenticeship, however, we do plan to offer permanent employment on completion of the apprenticeships.

Colette Cassidy

Colette left school on June 2014 and joined TIGERS’ Employability Fund where she gained theory based training in areas such as child development, child protection, health and hygiene and Certificate of Work Readiness.  Colette then gained a work placement at Lullaby Lane to gain valuable experience and gain work based learning, putting her theory into practice. She then gained employment with us in September 2014 and is progressing through her Social Services (Children and Young People) (SSCYP) modern apprenticeship.  Colette has received accolades from parents on her natural connection with children and her strong understanding of attachment.  During recent filming, Colette recently received feedback from Dr Suzanne Zeedyk on her child led practice during the drop off process.  Dr Zeedyk highlighted her pracctce as an example of best practice.

Kimberley Rodgers

Kimberley attended Anniesland College to complete a National Certificate (NC) in Childcare.  After a successful interview with TIGERS she joined the Employability Fund.  Kimberley’s lovely, open and friendly nature was highlighted by her trainer to Lullaby Lane and considered the attributes valued in any potential staff.  Kimberley very quickly progressed into employment with Lullaby Lane in September 2014, after a short work experience placement.  Kimberley is progressing through her qualification and has undertaken training in Child Protection, Attachment Theory and Brain Development with Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, Cot Death Training, Sing and Sign, Infection Control, Pre Birth to Three.

Nicole Oliphant

Nicole has newly joined Lullaby Lane (four weeks), after starting her apprenticeship with another nursery.  Nicole was seeking a full time employment opportunity and wanted to join a team that would help her to develop her all round skills as an early years practitioner.  Nicole has undertaken Cot Death Training and Attachment Theory since joining Lullaby Lane.  Nicole is currently part of the Scotland Under 17s Netball Team and wishes to bring her love of physical activity to the children at Lullaby Lane.

What we’re doing for Scottish Apprenticeship Week

Role reverse – our apprentices will take on leadership roles within the nursery for the week to set planning for the week, manage the daily routines, communication to parents and chair operational meeting.

Writing a daily blog and posting to Facebook and both Lullaby Lane and TIGERS’ websites which will include a day in the life of an MA with photographs and hopefully interaction from other young people.

We understand the importance and success of young people engaging with young people and our MAs will meet young people from schools and other referral agencies to answer questions about the early years industry and TIGERS’ other sectors to relay their own experiences through attending TIGERS’ open days on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 May.

Our apprentices are creating a parent pack to encourage community links with local organisations, group activities and local facilities ie local libraries, parent and child groups, family friendly
restaurants and outdoor activities.  This helps to raise awareness of the wider Bearsden community and offer support for local businesses and groups.  This is particularly helpful for our families who are new to the Bearsden area.  This parent pack will now be included as part of the Lullaby Lane welcome pack for new families.

Colette Cassidy, Kimberley Rodgers, Nicole Oliphant, Fiona McLeod MSP, Sophie Dawes and Pauline Scott (front)

Colette Cassidy, Kimberley Rodgers, Nicole Oliphant, Fiona McLeod MSP, Sophie Dawes and Pauline Scott (front)

Remember to follow the hashtag #ScotMAWeek15

We’re an Investor in People!

We recently gained our Investor inPeople award and on Wednesday 20 May Sophie Dawes from Investors in Young People and Fiona McLeod, MSP, Minister for Children and Young People, attended the nursery and awarded the plaque to the team during their visit.

Peter Russian, Chief Executive of Investors in People Scotland, said:

“Investors in People Scotland and the Scottish Government are keen to see companies from across the public, private and third sectors using Investors in Young People.  We have an ambition to drive up the level of youth employment and we would like to support businesses to recruit, support, develop and retain young people to enable them to achieve company goals. There are some industries where young people are well represented such as hospitality, tourism, construction and retail, however we would like to encourage all industries to grow their own talent and develop the skilled workforce they need for now and the future. Harnessing the potential and developing the talent of young people will help create long term sustainable growth and highly skilled businesses.”

Are you interested in becoming an apprentice?

Find out more by visiting the SSSC website

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