How can a coaching approach motivate and inspire others?

Motivating and inspiring others is an effective part of good leadership. How a coaching approach inspires and motivates others was the topic of discussion at two recent events held by the SSSC.

The events focussed on how having a coaching approach can be an effective way of supporting leadership at all levels in social services. We highlighted the need for space and time to have meaningful conversations and the positive impact of using open questions which help others reflect, such as  ‘if you could change one thing, what would it be?’, or ‘what obstacles do you foresee and how might you overcome them?’

We also discussed the importance of listening actively to others around us and the way in which we can offer good feedback to people.

The events were part of a series of leadership events, delivered by SSSC, which are intended to provide an opportunity for workers to spend time reflecting on their current and future practice, share experiences, and hear about success stories related to leadership in different areas of health and social care.

Around 60 people attended the events which aimed to provide participants with: a greater understanding of how coaching can support good leadership; more knowledge of SSSC resources to support practice; the opportunity to reflect on the role of coaching in their current and future practice.


Step into leadership

The events were supported by the Care Inspectorate talking about their coaching and mentoring scheme and also Rowan Alba talking about how a coaching culture has made a difference to their organisation.Positive feedback was given by participants who highlighted their increased knowledge of coaching and its benefits, the insights they gained, and the changes they planned to make to their practice as a result of the event.

Comments included:

“Develop a more coaching based approach in supervision”

“Listen better, ask questions differently”

“Request more feedback with regard to my own practice”

“Think about how coaching could help with the service I manage as part of the overall service improvement plan”

The SSSC has a range of resources to support coaching and mentoring in the workplace on Step into Leadership. Further information on coaching can also be found on the The Scottish Coaching Collaborative on the Workforce Scotland website.

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