New self-directed support resources

New, additional sections on the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) self-directed support portal are now available.

SSKSThe sections link to information regarding self-directed support and different user groups. Each of these sections have resources and case studies showing how SDS is being used by children and families, those with mental health issues and those with disabilities and long term conditions. It also focuses on carers and their eligibility for SDS as well as older people focusing on how innovative SDS projects are being used to help dementia sufferers.

It’s anticipated that these sections will grow and develop over time as SDS is being used more and more.

If you would like to contribute to any of the sections, please send details of any case studies or examples of how SDS is being used in these areas to Janet McDonald who is developing the portal:

View the SDS portal here:

Introduction to SDS training session 

In addition, “Introduction to Self-directed Support”, a new short training session  which also incorporates a tour of the SDS portal is now available via WebEx.  All you need is a computer and phone or SSKS can come to you.  Contact for details.

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