Promoting intrapreneurship in the third sector

The Lens is a new initiative backed by the Scottish Government to promote intrapreneurship in the Scottish third sector, helping people to see and think differently. 

lensCreated by director, Steve McCreadie within Aberlour, a leading children’s charity, the initiative took inspiration from ScotEdge, where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, in the hope of securing investment.

The Lens provides opportunities for individuals and teams to pitch for investment to projects that will help some of the most vulnerable people in society. It has been designed specifically for mission driven organisations where value and impact are paramount. It creates synergy across third, private and public sectors and engages staff at all levels in organisations.  The Lens integrates coaching, support, investment opportunities and new thinking and places a high emphasis on staff development.

Already a proven success within Aberlour, where it was piloted, The Lens is now being made available to charities across Scotland, with the first partners to be announced in September.

Steve McCreadie

Steve McCreadie

Director, Steve McCreadie, said:

“I’m delighted that the Scottish Government recognised the value The Lens could bring. Supporting the intrapreneurial skills of our teams is one of the most powerful ways to create sustainable services that improve people’s lives, and responds positively to the challenges we all face.”

The Lens will help organisations to grow a new generation of ‘intrapreneurs’, willing and prepared to tackle the challenges faced by the third sector. There is a good track record of innovation across third sector in Scotland. The Lens builds on that and offers an exciting way to engage and develop staff, create new services, and encourage people to see and think differently.

The Lens and SSSC Open Badges

The SSSC is delighted to contribute to the work of The Lens by supporting participating organisations to use Open Badges. This is a flexible and innovative way of recognising achievement and skills gained through informal learning. We are currently developing an Open Badge framework which all employers will be able to use more widely from next year.

Find out more about The Lens here:



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