Charter for Involvement

The National Involvement Network (NIN) has published its Charter for Involvement.

CharterThe Charter for Involvement is a series of 12 new statements that show how people who use support services want to be involved:

  • in the services they get
  • in the organisations that provide their services, and
  • in the wider community.

The Charter has been produced by members of the National Involvement Network (NIN).  The Charter is unique in Scotland as it has been written and developed by people who use services for service providers to make involvement better for everyone.

The Charter for Involvement was originally published by the National Involvement Network in 2009.  The Chief Executives of 25 social care organisations in Scotland have publicly committed their organisations to meeting the statement in the Charter.  Click here for a list of the organisations names Organisations-Names.

There are two versions of the Charter for Involvement : a full version which includes the 12 statements and descriptions of what each one means; and a short version in a pamphlet form.

Download a copy of the full version of the Charter: Charter for Involvement – full version

Download a copy of the short version: Charter for Involvement – short version

Further information can be found on the ARC website.

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