Can mobile learning work for you?

Not sure if mobile learning is right for your workers or organisation? Try it out with our mobile learning pilot scheme.

mobile learningMobile learning with tablets and smartphones can have benefits for both workers and employers:

  • workers can stay in the workplace to access learning resources
  • mobile learning in the workplace promotes better learning outcomes as people can relate the material better to your service and their practice.

Try before you buy

We have a scheme that means you can run small mobile learning ‘pilots’ to see if this will benefit you and your workers. It’s a great way to try it out before buying tablets or smartphones.

What does it involve?

We can lend your organisation up to five iPads loaded with all our mobile learning resources (apps) for up to two months. You can choose the apps that you want your workers to try and it’s up to you how your staff access the iPads.

Our Learning Technologies Team will evaluate the pilot using questionnaires and face to face group meetings with the workers involved at the start and end of the pilot. After three months we will arrange a further meeting and questionnaire  to find out if the learning has had a positive impact for people using your service.

You may have workers who have not used mobile technology before, or are not confident about using it. At the first meeting, we will spend time providing support to people who are unsure about how to use the equipment. Workers who are more comfortable using technology can also support to their colleagues.

How long will it take, and when could it start?

ipadThe length of the pilot will depend on:

  • the number of workers that you want to include
  • the number of apps that you decide that your workers should try.

We would usually run pilots with 15 – 20 workers; however we can run with smaller groups to meet your requirements.

There are about 20 apps covering a variety of subjects such as supporting people living with dementia and engaging with children and young people. You can choose which apps are most appropriate for your service.

We will agree the length of the pilot and your preferred start date depending upon the availability of iPads.

What are the benefits of using this scheme?

The scheme means you can evaluate the effectiveness of mobile learning in your organisation before you buy any equipment. We will give you the information we gather during the pilot which can be included in a business case for adopting mobile learning.

We provide support so you should not need to provide additional technical support to your workers while they complete their learning. We will provide details of how to get support to those taking part in the pilot.

Your workers will see the advantages of using technology for learning such as greater flexibility when they learn and the ability to go at their own pace. The feedback has been that workers who were anxious about using mobile technology at the start have become more confident about using technology more generally in their work afterwards.

Who can I contact to discuss this further?

If you would like to take part in a pilot or for more information please contact the Learning Technologies Team at:

Telephone: 01382 207114

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