Compulsory registration update for managers and service providers of care home service for adults

Registration becomes compulsory for support workers in care home services for adults on 30 September (find out what ā€œsupport workersā€ means here).

lowres240112098Registration is also compulsory for anyone starting a new job as a support worker and they must get registered within six months of starting.

Have you checked that all of your staff are either registered or have applied to register? If you are an SSSC Countersignatory you can check this on MySSSC.Ā  If your workers are registered they will appear on your list of registrants within the ā€œSearch registrantsā€ section (see below).Ā Once you have endorsed an application on MySSSC, the person applying still has another few steps to go through before they can submit their application eg paying the fee. To check that your workers have completed the whole process, look in the ā€œSearch applicantsā€ section of MySSSC.Ā  If their name does not appear on the list it means that they have not yet completed the process and we have not received their application.

If anyone has missed the application deadline 30 September 2014 and hasnā€™t already applied to register then they need to do it now.

If an application is straightforward the person may still be registered by the deadline. Sometimes applications take longer if we need to look into the information provided (for example, if there are criminal convictions). Most applications are granted and we are working hard to register people on time however a high number of late applications means that it is unlikely that everyone will be registered in time.

What can you do now?

  • Check on MySSSC to see if your staff are registered or have applied.
  • If you have endorsed an application that isnā€™t showing up on MySSSC please remind the person to complete their application or check with us at if you have any concerns.
  • If anyone who should be applying hasnā€™t done so, please ask them to apply now throughĀ MySSSC.
  • Employers may be committing an offence if they employ people who should be registered so if any of your staff have not yet applied or they have applied and the application is still being processed, you will need to let the Care Inspectorate know.
  • Sometimes we need more information before we can continue the application process and this can cause delays. However, we are working with the Care Inspectorate so that they can give guidance to employers and managers where a workerā€™s application is in progress.

4 Responses to “Compulsory registration update for managers and service providers of care home service for adults”

  1. Alison

    Jul 25. 2015

    Is it only for a support worker who is working in a care home that they have to be registered before September 2015 or is it also for support workers who work in the community supporting people in their own homes ? thank you

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  2. Robert Crichton

    Aug 03. 2015

    what are the few steps that the applicant has to carry out after I have endorsed the application? Obviously paying the fee is one but are there others.?

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  3. Wendy Murdoch

    Aug 04. 2015

    Hi Robert

    Once an application has been endorsed the applicant will receive an email. They will then need to go back into their application make or confirm their payment and then submit the application to the SSSC for processing. They should follow the instructions until the status of the application shows ā€˜Completed and Submitted to SSSCā€™. They will also receive a confirmation email.

    If you require any further information regarding the application process please do not hesitate to contact our Enquiries Team by telephoning 0345 60 30 891 9am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 10am-5pm Wednesday.

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