Next steps for the Review of Social Work Education

The Review of Social Work Education, led by the SSSC, has reached the conclusion of its first phase and will continue with wider engagement on the questions raised over the coming year.

SSSC acronym logo - colourThe work has been carried out by the Review of Social Work Education Strategic Group which was formed last autumn and included key stakeholders from across the country.

The second phase of the work will broaden participation and involvement to help develop recommendations for improving the design and delivery of the social work degree qualifying programmes.  The three work streams will focus on:

  • gathering additional evidence
  • developing a collective understanding of what a more integrated model of practice based learning will look like
  • exploring options and appraising models for resourcing a future social work degree programme.

A short paper outlining the progress and further actions of the Review of Social Work Education Strategic Group has been published.  View the paper here.

3 Responses to “Next steps for the Review of Social Work Education”

  1. Pauline Hoggan

    Sep 09. 2015

    Thank you for the Education Review and further improvement proposals. I attended a learning event on planning for LAA children a few months ago at which one of the local authority managers who was presenting commented that sw students now do not have Child and Adult Development as a significant part of the curriculum. I was surprised at this as I had contributed to OU module updates not that long ago that covered the lifespan. On asking around colleagues involved in practice teaching and line management, one confirmed that she felt the topic was well integrated into the OU framework, but that for another institution she was involved with, there was reference to the occasional input on attachment but not to full modules which contain historic and contemporary thinking, and critical appraisal of theories. It is difficult to see how social wok students can be equipped to carry out sound assessments and interventions if they have no theoretical context to start with.

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  2. Jane McLenachan

    Nov 10. 2015

    Pauline, I would be very surprised if any social work degree programme did not include modules addressing child and adult development. Certainly at Stirling University, students complete a human development and family contexts module within the early stages of their programme, that very much takes a lifespan approach. This foundation to human growth and development is then followed up with modules which build upon the application of theory to specific service user contexts and circumstances, such as children and families, criminal justice, health, illness and disability. Indeed, within the Standards in Social Work Education, there is a specific learning focus around theories of individual and social development. Given that all social work programmes need to demonstrate how they evidence all the SiSWE, it is very difficult to envisage a situation where human development is not well integrated within the social work qualifying curriculum.

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    • Vivian Fitzsimmons

      Apr 04. 2016

      I absolutely agree with the comments made by Jane above. It seems inconceivable that a social work programme would not have human development at its core! Also Practice Teachers consider this to be an extreme necessity for students on placement. As such I would be very suprised if it was not covered by them also.

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