New resources at the SSKS self-directed support portal

Self-directed support (SDS) enables individuals to have choice and control of managing their own care budget.

SSKSIt requires individuals to consider what is important to them and what would make a difference in their lives. It is about recognising that everyone needs to work together as equal partners to achieve these outcomes.

You can explore these ideas and access guidelines, reports and e-learning resources to help you find out more about SDS and your role at:  or

This new-look SDS portal at Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS) supports all frontline professionals – from personal assistants and support workers to social workers and nurses – as they seek to implement SDS and embrace the associated culture change. Here you’ll find learning resources, case studies of how SDS is being used, and links to quality-assured information designed to help with the practicalities of working with SDS. The portal contains a brand-new section, SDS for different user groups.

You can now sign up for an online walk-through of the SDS portal. Sessions are available on the following dates:

  • Friday 2 October, 11am
  • Wednesday 28 October, 2pm
  • Monday 9 November, 11am
  • Thursday 26 November, 3pm
  • Tuesday 8 December, 11am

Please email if you’d like to take part (or if you’d be more interested in arranging face-to-face training).

You can also check the new promotional flyer for the portal online or request printed copies from

SSKS are also looking for feedback. If you try the SDS portal, you could feedback through the questionnaire.

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