New requirements for endorsing applications

From 1 December 2015 all applications for registration must be endorsed by a countersignatory already approved by the SSSC.

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After 1 December 2015, if an application is submitted to us which has been endorsed by someone other than a nominated countersignatory we will be unable to progress that application until a nominated countersignatory has been provided.

To make sure there are no delays for any of your workers when they apply for registration, you should review the countersignatories that are already approved for your organisation and make sure that the relevant people in your organisation apply to become countersignatories.

You can tell us about anyone who should no longer be a countersignatory or nominate new countersignatories through your MySSSC account.  You can find guidance on becoming a SSSC countersignatory and countersignatory application forms on our website.

2 Responses to “New requirements for endorsing applications”

  1. Catherine Cairns

    Nov 04. 2015

    If I’m the manager of a service with no one above me who will countersign my application. My GP had refused as he would be endorsing that, (a question asks about disciplinary that I may be involved in) I have to agree with him in that he can’t endorse something he would not be party too. Please could I be contacted about this as I am finding it difficult to provide endorsement.

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