Care in Scotland – it’s life changing work

Could you be part of a Scotland-wide project to help more people understand the complex, rewarding work you do and the difference it makes to our communities?

CiS bannerWorking in social services is not always about the difficult stuff.  There are plenty of good things happening. More people need to hear those stories. And as someone who does this work every day, you can help by sharing your experiences.

Talking about the work you do will help more people to understand your professional role alongside others. It will encourage people like you, with the right skills, values and attitudes to think about a career in social work, social care or early years.

Get involved in helping people to see the difference you make. Join our project and tell your story.

If you’d like to get involved, get in touch with us at to find out more.

What’s our project all about?

We’re planning a national social media campaign running from December 2015 aimed at helping to raise awareness through conversations and storytelling of what social service workers do and the difference they make to people’s lives and to our communities. Social media and networks provide a great opportunity to share your stories of working in and using social services.

Why do we want to do this?

Most of us will use social services of some kind at some point in our lives. We want to:

  • help people find out more about what social service workers do so that they recognise the various roles and professions when they themselves or their families need to find and use social services
  • provide opportunities for social service workers and service users to tell their stories so that the public hear more about the difference skilled social service workers make to people’s lives
  • help people to value the role of social service workers and to value the people who use social services
  • show that careers in care are valuable, rewarding careers, that not just anyone can do these jobs and we need the right people with the right values and skills to want to do this work
  • show that there are a lots of options careerwise and all of them able to make a huge difference to people’s lives.

What are we doing?

A project using social media and social networks needs good stories that will capture the people’s interest and imagination.

We have a few ways to do this.

  • We’re collecting stories about the different roles in social services and we’ll put these onto our website with links to various sources of information on careers, registration, skills development.
  • We’ll encourage more people to try A Question of Care, a values analysis tools to help people see if this could be their kind of career.
  • And we’ll be looking to involve you in the conversation through SSSC News Online.

How can you get involved?

We are looking for organisations and people – social workers, care practitioners, early years practitioners and those that they work with – to take part and get the project started.

  • We’ll need a few details like your name and the kind of job you do and the title. If you like you can include where you work and the organisation you work for.
  • We’d like to you to tell your story by answering a few questions (we have a template for you to use). Or you could audio record it using your smartphone or ipad and send us the audio file.
  • We’ll then upload your story to our website.
  • We might ask you for a photograph or we could come out and take some photos as pictures really help to tell the story and get your message across.
  • There will be press releases to launch the project which would hopefully result in local and national coverage and help to promote awareness of the social service workforce and the public who use social services and the difference you are making.

It won’t take you long to do and could really help to promote the message that care is a rewarding career and to help people understand and value what you do.

Use our toolkit

Download and use our handy toolkit to help you gain an understanding of our project.  It will tell you about the background of the project and link to the resources available for you to use and share.


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