New middle manager leadership learning framework

A new framework to support the leadership learning of middle managers is now available on the Step into Leadership website.

middle managerThe framework was commissioned by the SSSC in response to requests from the social service sector to develop a leadership learning resource for those in middle management positions.

The work took place in three stages; the first two involved looking at the role of middle managers and the third identified their leadership learning needs. The work was completed by the University of Stirling.

Key findings highlighted the diversity of middle managers’ roles and their learning needs, so the final stage involved developing a modular Middle Manager Leadership Learning Framework to meet those diverse learning needs. The learning includes nine leadership learning outcomes detailing specific knowledge, skills and values requirements and has a range of resources that can be used to support middle managers to meet those learning outcomes.

The framework is designed to be flexible and can be used as part of self-directed learning or incorporated into agencies’ own learning and development activities. The framework will be piloted by several social service employers over the next few months and evaluated early in 2016.

The Middle Manager Leadership Learning Framework is part of a range of leadership resources available on Step into Leadership.

Some resources may require an Athens password, you can find the guidance here.

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    Jan 16. 2016

    I couldn’t really register to study and learn from the 9 learning frame work, it demand some body who works for the NHS or a student. I am just a social work

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    • Sandra Wilson

      Jan 18. 2016

      The middle manager leadership learning framework doesn’t require workers to be registered. Some of the resources within the framework may require an Athens password – for guidance please read the guidance highlighted in the article to support you registering for a password.

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