Jingle the elf moves in

An elf has moved in to Kidzcare@St Ronans After School Club!

8 Dec 2015 002One day a tiny little elf door appeared on the skirting board and magic began to happen…

The children were all very excited and sprinkled the magic dust over a tiny silver key beside the door.  When they came in the next day the key had disappeared and the elf had moved in.

The next day, after a vote, the children named the elf Jingle and adopted him. He even has his own certificate of adoption. 

The children leave their questions, drawings and letters by the door for Jingle every night when he gets back from working at the North Pole.  Jingle is such a magic elf – he’s written replies to every question the children have asked and leaves lovely drawings every night.  Jingle has released an amazing amount of creativity and imagination in the children. 

8 Dec 2015 001Manager, Susan McKeachan tells us more:

“I’ve made little clothes to hang out for washing and a tiny dolls house rocking chair for him to sit in.  He also leaves little treats for the children who absolutely love it! The looks on their faces make it all worthwhile.”

“I think it helps to be childlike yourself.  Kids need awe and magic in their lives and if we can give them that experience it makes my job something special.”


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