Portland Street’s family tree

Dean and Cauvin Trust’s Portland Street unit provides accommodation for five young people from the age of 15.

The staff and young people at Portland Street have been lucky to have an art therapist working with them as a bank staff member and she, together with the young people and staff created their ‘family tree’. portland1

Manager, Marian Lang tells us more:

“This project came about initially when we had discussions as a staff team about how to fill our newly decorated, blank hall and staircase with images of the young people. We asked the young people what they thought but no one wanted a portrait style picture of themselves hanging in our entrance hall. I then saw an image online of a family tree and thought how good would it be to have a family tree painted up our hall and staircase featuring pictures at the end of the branches of all our young people past and present.

“At that time we were lucky enough to have Emily (a qualified Art Therapist) working as part of our team of bank staff. I discussed my idea with the young people and then with Emily who then went off and sketched some ideas, these were shown to the young people who seemed keen on the vision Emily shared.”

“The actual drawing of the tree was completed by Emily but young people and staff all did their part and colored in the various parts of the tree trunk adding the initials of the young people alongside some staff members under the very patient guidance of Emily.  The project probably took two to three months to complete and the majority of our young people are happy to have their pictures displayed, young people who come back to visit are always pleased that their picture is still on show.”

“The trunk is interwoven with the young people’s initials and at the end of each branch is a photo frame to hold a photograph of our young people, past and present.   It is a work in progress as more photos are added when new people move into Portland Street.”

“I think this visually emphasises that we give the young people the opportunity to feel connected and included in the safe positive environment that we try to achieve here at Portland Street and even when they move on they are still connected to us and can still rely on our continuing support.”






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Linda is a team leader at Portland Street.  Linda has always worked in a caring role and after completing a nursery nurse course she found her way into helping those in residential child care. Read more about her role as a residential child care worker.

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