Check out the new content on SSKS

There’s now even more reason to visit the Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS) website for reliable and up to date information.

SSKSThroughout 2015, our colleagues at SSKS added new sections and updated content.  The website now has:

  • a new Help and Training section
  • a Newsroom
  • a streamlined FAQ
  • an  Information Literacy page with great updated content from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)
  • information about using social media (linking to a video co-developed with IRISS)
  • an updated How To section
  • a refreshed homepage
  • a new about page telling you what you can expect to find at SSKS
  • an updated Evidence-informed Practice (EiP) page where you can find resources arranged into sections for evidence briefings, key evidence sources, case studies and resources on how to apply evidence to practice.

So what’s next?

SSKS plan to update the Topic portals. This includes Early Years, Support Workers, Learning Disabilities and Criminal Justice.

Do you have any ideas?

If you would like to make a suggestion on how SSKS can improve their portals (perhaps you have some up-to-date links to share?) they’d be happy to hear from you.

SSKS is currently working with consultants in oral health, falls and fractures for their Care for Older People portal. If you would like to contribute please email

One Response to “Check out the new content on SSKS”

  1. Peter Fallon

    Mar 13. 2016

    Dear Sir, Madam,
    Once again I am delighted going through the SSSC website and coming upon all the information relevant to our jobs and the distinct sreas of knowledge that you are promoting which I believe is necessary, it is vitally important that we all know about the conditions of our service users.
    I am especially delighted with this area the SSKS. brilliant, “If only more young people knew about this what a career they could have.”
    I just wanted to share also my recent print outs, whilst researching more information on tau-proteins, I came upon the American Alzheimer’s Organisation website , like the SSSC knowledge base they have a fantastic section on dementia, the different types and all easy reading material.
    I would certainly advise one to go into, the first 7 sections are on the brain and its make up, the next 9 pages are on Alzheimer’s Disease and the brain, I have printed them out so clear so concise and so easy to read and understand.
    That of course does not detract from our own Alzheimer’s Association nor indeed the SSSC.
    I am as stated delighted with the SSSC and the fountain of knowledge contained therein, “Ah if only I weren’t so old, I would certainly have engrossed myself into Dementia Learning and Research.

    Thank you again SSSC for all you have given us to understand our friends our Service Users.

    Yours sincerely,

    Peter Fallon
    Care Assistant
    Parksprings care Home

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