The day the ponies came to visit

Life in Camilla House is never dull! Staff are continually looking at ways to provide interesting and enjoyable experiences for residents as well as caring for their physical well-being. And this time was no different.

Resized 2Elaine Allan, Public Relations Manager tells us about a recent experience that both residents and staff particularly enjoyed:

ā€˜We heard about Therapy Ponies Scotland from a residentā€™s family member and organised a visit to Camilla House. We arranged for some residents from our other nursing homes to come along for the afternoon so that as many people as possible could meet the ponies.ā€™

ā€˜Residents and staff were absolutely amazed and delighted to see two little Shetland ponies trotting through the front door. Six year-old Wilson and 7- month old Applejack, who was on his first trip out and is still in training as a therapy pony, were both very calm and good natured and didnā€™t seem fazed by the excitement they created. The buzz around the sitting room was like nothing we have seen before. The ponies went round each resident individually to be patted and admired. One lady woke up from a nap to gaze in amazement at Wilson standing by her chair!ā€™

ā€˜The ponies trotted happily into the lift to visit some of the residents who were in their bedrooms on the first floor.ā€™

ā€˜We have regular visits from small animal handling organisations and always encourage visitors to bring pet dogs as we know how much pleasure our residents get from these visits but this was the first time Kingdom Homes has arranged a visit from Therapy Ponies Scotland.Ā  It certainly wonā€™t be the last given the pleasure that was obvious on the faces of our residents and from the buzz of conversation all around Camilla House that day. We have since booked visits to other care homes within our group.ā€™

Itā€™s the residentsā€™ choice

ā€˜Kingdom Homesā€™ philosophy of care includes residentsā€™ participation, we make sure that the residentsā€™ opinions are heard and weĀ take pride in positively respondingĀ to our residentsā€™ views, opinions and requests. Our residents are empowered to have the greatest control possible over their lives by having the opportunity to make choices including involvement/participationĀ in any activity that is meaningfulĀ to the individual.ā€™

ā€˜Camilla House has use of the companyā€™s minibus one day each week and the residents generally choose their destination which might be the local garden centre or supermarket for coffee and a bit of shopping or to Anstruther for fish and chips. In the summer months our trips venture a little further afield and we have visited Blair Drummond Safari Park, the Falkirk Wheel and sailed on the Seagull Trust barge on the Union Canal.ā€™

ā€˜We also place great importance on being part of the local community and in Camilla House we encourage regular visits from the village primary school whose most recent visit was to recite Burns poetry for the residents. Itā€™s ā€œopen houseā€ for the local villagers when we have a coffee morning or fete. Residentā€™s families are very supportive and some brave relatives recently joined the staff in a bungee jump to raise funds for Alzheimerā€™s Scotland.ā€™

Photos from the visit

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