Does your organisation have an SSSC countersignatory?

All new applications must be endorsed by a countersignatory so all organisations need to have one.  Over 80% of social service organisations have an SSSC countersignatory and most of them have created their MySSSC account. 

413352_SSSC_Icon_Large_RegistrationWho can be a countersignatory?

A countersignatory is usually a senior manager or a manager in HR who we can contact about all matters to do with resgistration.

What do countersignatories do?


  • endorse applications for registration to assure us, as far as possible, that the information an applicant has given us is correct
  • track the progress of applicants and registrants within your organisation
  • can view details of employees who have applied for registration on MySSSC
  • can view details of employees who are already registered, including registration date, registration status, renewal date, conditions attached to their registration on MySSSC
  • tell us of any changes in employees’ circumstances
  • can view the list of countersignatories for the organisation
  • tell us of any changes in countersignatories’ circumstances.

Make sure that your organisation has an SSSC countersignatory

You can find guidance on becoming a SSSC countersignatory and countersignatory application forms on our website.

If your organisation already has a lead countersignatory they can nominate new countersignatories through their MySSSC account.

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