Your registration certificate

Did you know that you can view and print your SSSC registration certificate at any time on MySSSC?

413352_SSSC_Icon_small_RegistrationThis means you can provide an up to date, valid registration certificate to your employer or anyone else you would like to share it with.

We no longer send out printed certificates as they are only valid on the day we issue them and so quickly become out of date.

MySSSC gives registrants and employers up to date and accurate information about the current status of registration.  If a worker is no longer on our Register they cannot view or print a certificate.

11 Responses to “Your registration certificate”

  1. Caroline Bridgeman

    Mar 14. 2016

    I am trying to download a copy of my registration certificate but am unable to do so.


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    • Sandra Wilson

      Mar 15. 2016

      Hi Caroline,
      Sorry to hear that you’re having problems downloading your registration certificate. Can you phone us on 0345 60 30 891?


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  2. Ann

    Sep 07. 2016

    I am also having trouble even finding my registration certificate…..proposing fee increases yet registrants need to print and find their own certificate now or call


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  3. C Mclauchlan

    Sep 07. 2016

    I believe that it is important that workers who are paying for their registration should have their certificate sent out to them there are still individuals who don’t have computers or printers to get their certificate after all if the registration fee is going up people are entitled to a nice certificate.

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  4. william davis

    Sep 07. 2016

    I RENEWED MY REGISTRATION ON 31ST aUG AND AM UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD MY CERTIFICATE..Please advise what is wrong with your web site .Regards William

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  5. Nicola Williamson

    Sep 08. 2016

    Hi there

    I feel that the certificates should still be posted out. I do not have access to a printer and employers may wish to display their workers certificates.

    And there are people who do not have Internet access too and this should not hamper their career, which could happen if they do not have a hard copy of their certificate. And if registration fees are to go up, then that is completely a good enough reason for a printed certificate to be issued

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  6. Fiona Smith

    Sep 09. 2016

    I agree with the above registrant Nicola that hard copies should be sent out. I do not have access to a printer so am unable to print off my certificate and we need to have one for our files.

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  7. Janet Martin

    Sep 12. 2016

    I think certificates should be sent out in the post. I have tried to down load a copy of my current certificate today and have not been able to, can you explain when this problem will be fixed please?

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  8. Ross, SSSC

    Sep 13. 2016

    Thank you all for your comments.

    The SSSC no longer issue paper registration certificates as they were only valid on the day of issue. As such, they would not always provide a true reflection of an individual’s registration status.

    It may be worth noting that names of all individuals currently registered appear on the Public Facing Register accessed via the SSSC website.

    For those of you having issues locating or downloading a copy of your registration certificate, please see below for the relevant guidance:

    In the ‘Registrations’ section of your homepage, click the ‘View and update my details’ button. You will then be shown the details of your registration, with a link to the left called ‘Download registration certificate’. Countersignatories from your organisation can also download copies of your certificate from their MySSSC account.

    A copy of your registration certificate will open, giving you the option to print a copy of the certificate, or save it to your computer.

    If you are currently using the mobile site, please click the ‘MySSSC full site’ button at the top of your screen’. You will need to access the full version of the website as you are unable to view your registration certificate on the mobile site.

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  9. eileen steele

    Sep 13. 2016

    I cannot find any indication of where and how to print my registration document .

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