New report shows the progress of the social service workforce in Scotland

The report gives an up to date picture of social service workforce regulation and workforce improvement, highlighting the progress towards a trusted, skilled and valued workforce.

SoNThis is the first of what will be an annual update, delivering facts and figures that will help us to spot trends, challenges and opportunities. Highlights include information on our register, our fitness to practise work and skills development.

Professor James McGoldrick, Convener of the SSSC said on today’s launch:

‘With one in every 13 people in Scotland employed in social services, this is one of the biggest employment areas. And everyone working in social services makes a difference to our quality of life, young or old. Not only that; social service workers have an enormous economic impact for Scotland. Their skills, qualities and care are essential for us to be able to live, work and contribute to the economy. They are supporting some of our most vulnerable people and this means we need public confidence in the workforce. Not just anybody can do this job and our report highlights what goes into making sure our social services workers are the best they can be from skills development to taking action where we need improvement.’

Anna Fowlie, Chief Executive of the SSSC said today:

‘I’m pleased to show the progress we are making together with care service employers and providers and social service workers.  When we started registering social service workers in 2003 this was a new chapter for this workforce aimed at improving public confidence in the quality of care. This has been and continues to be an ambitious programme for Scotland. We now have a set of national standards that set out what we can expect from people working in social services and skilled workers across all types of services with relevant qualifications who are now committed to developing their skills throughout their careers.’

Speaking at a meeting of the Social Work Services Strategic Forum Aileen Campbell MSP, Minister for Children and Young People said:

‘I very much welcome this report which provides clear evidence of the progress being made on our key policy to ensure that the people working in Scotland’s social services are competent and confident, that their work is highly valued and contributes positively to people’s lives. Achieving this requires wide-ranging effort and contributions – from the workforce themselves, from their employers and from education providers. The work of the Scottish Social Services Council is also fundamental to supporting and facilitating these efforts. Our shared vision and strategy for social services has a focus on supporting the workforce and this report provides a picture of real progress.’

Download the full report on our website.

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