Have you registered in the last year?

Remember to pay your annual fee.

413352_SSSC_Icon_small_RegistrationIf you’re newly registered it’s important you remember to pay your annual fee. If you don’t, your registration will lapse and you will not be able to continue to work until you reapply and regain registration.

You can pay your annual fee through MySSSC but we recommend you set up a Direct Debit to make sure your registration doesn’t lapse.

Find out about the different ways you can pay your fees and set up your Direct Debit here.

Now you’re registered you also need to:

  • maintain your post registration and training requirements (PRTL) – find out more here
  • work towards meeting any qualification requirements that may be a condition of your registration
  • renew your registration every third or fifth year (depending on which part of the Register you are on) by completing a renewal application form and paying the renewal fee.

Maintaining your registration with MySSSC

The easiest way to maintain your registration is through your MySSSC account.

You can use MySSSC to:

  • pay your fees online
  • view the information we hold in relation to your registration
  • view your current registration status including any conditions on your registration
  • update changes in your circumstances
  • record your PRTL
  • renew your registration online.

Log in to your MySSSC account here.

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    How do I pay my fee thank you

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