Caring – it’s life changing work

CiS bannerCarers Week highlights and recognises the invaluable contribution the 750,000 carers in Scotland make to families and communities.

Many people who have experienced caring for family and friends go on to use their skills in paid work in Scotland’s social services.  Some don’t realise they can make such a difference to other people’s lives until they are caring for someone at home or in their community.

We’ve been gathering stories from all different types of social service workers, what attracted them to working in social services, what are the most challenging and best bits.

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Kyle is the assistant manager at Blackwood Care, Stirling. After caring for his grandparents he decided to give a career in care a go when he left school and he’s never looked back. Read Kyle’s story.

Jennifer works for Gowrie Care. She became a carer at 13 when her father became unwell. She also supported a friend with her child who had physical and learning disabilities. Although Jennifer found being a carer very challenging she also found it immensely rewarding. Read Jennifer’s story.



Mandy is a support worker in a day care service for adults. She chose her current role after caring for her mother who was diagnosed with dementia and witnessing first hand both the challenges and rewards to both families and individuals. Read Mandy’s story.

Andrea’s parents were foster carers so she grew up in a busy household working with children from a variety of different backgrounds including domestic abuse and addictions and could see the impact it had on them. She’s now a senior family development worker. Read Andrea’s story.

Ashley works as a support worker in a care home for adults. Personal/family experiences gave her the motivation to work in the support/care sector. Read Ashley’s story.

Laurie previously worked as a volunteer at the Royal Victoria Hospital and this helped her choose her career with Gowrie Care. Read Laure’s story.

Care in Scotland – it’s life changing work

We have lots of other stories on our website. They tell you what it’s like working in social care and why they find it a rewarding career.

Find out more about the different types of roles people have working in social services by catching up with their stories.

Working with adults

Working with children

Studying and working as a social worker



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