Supporting workforce development for self-directed support

Our work is supporting the social service workforce to build local skills and capacity for change.

ISM SDSThat is the message of a new evaluation report of our work as part of the Self-Directed Support (SDS) Workforce Development Project. Ailsa Cook of Outcomes Focus carried out the critical friend evaluation which looked at progress of our work and also:

  • used the individual, social and material (ISM) model to explore the barriers and enablers of systems change for SDS
  • identified effective approaches for workforce development for SDS, highlighting the importance of building networks and relationships, providing emotional support and capturing learning to influence policy and systems
  • includes three contribution stories, sharing the learning from SSSC projects: action learning sets, working with the Care Inspectorate and development of a risk resource
  • suggests tools and techniques for evaluation and sharing learning.

The report highlights how the workforce is having to negotiate significant tensions between new and existing ways of working. However, change cannot come from the practice of individuals alone. We need significant shifts throughout the system to effectively implement SDS.

Workforce development programmes need to make sure the workforce is ready for and can sustain complex change. Workers meet considerable challenges in day-to-day work so workforce development needs to be human and help them get through their working day.

The Scottish Government SDS policy team said:

‘This report recognises the barriers and complexity in implementing self-directed support and highlights learning and support on how to work through these complexities.  It has relevance across the health and social care workforce.

‘It is important that the learning from this report is distilled and shared to support choice and control for people who rely on care and support.’

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