New resource pack to support Appreciative Inquiry

We have produced a new Appreciative Inquiry resource pack in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland (NES) as part of our work to support health and social care integration.

Appreciative InquiryWhat is Appreciative Inquiry?

Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to creating and sustaining organisation change which focuses on what is working well and builds on this, instead of focusing on problems and issues.

The resource pack

We developed the pack to support health and social care integration but it can be used by anyone who wants to use this type of approach to support service improvement or redesign.

It offers a programme and supporting materials for a cycle of Appreciative Inquiry over three sessions. You can use the whole resource to facilitate a cycle of Appreciative Inquiry or you can pick the materials to suit your learning, planning or service improvement activity.

We had valuable contributions from the health and social care partnership groups who worked with us and took part in Appreciative Inquiry in 2015-16 to help us develop the resource pack. They also provided useful feedback on the process.

‘Using positive questions and being more focused on how we listen to each other, we came up with ideas and solutions that we weren’t expecting.’

‘I would encourage people to become involved, learn more and use the approach more.’

’It was the most positive I have felt leaving an event or workshop.’

For more information about our resource pack or partnership work to support integration contact: or

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