Do you have a view on how public money is spent on early learning and child care?

Audit Scotland is asking parents and carers to share their views about funded early learning and child care (ELCC).

ConsultSurvAudit Scotland looks at public spending and policy across the public sector and is considering an audit of funded ELCC. They would like to hear from parents and carers of children aged from two to four years old.

They are particularly interested in exploring how public money is spent on ELCC and what impact the recent changes to the system has had on children, their parents and carers. These changes include:

  • an increase in the number of funded hours available for three and four-year-olds from 475 to 600 hours a year
  • provision of funded places for some two-year-olds
  • an increase in the flexibility of the services, such as offering places with different hours or in different settings, dependent on local need.

They also want parents and carers to let them know if there are other aspects of ELCC Audit Scotland should look at.

Auditor Rebecca Smallwood explained:

‘Early learning and child care provision has recently been changed and faces further reform in the future. So this feels like the right time for Audit Scotland to take a closer look at how the system is working, and what outcomes are being delivered for the people who access this support.

‘We want to make sure we’re on the right track when we start planning our audit work. We’re particularly interested in exploring how public money is spent on early learning and child care and how the recent changes have impacted on children, their parents and carers.’

The survey will close at the end of August 2016.

2 Responses to “Do you have a view on how public money is spent on early learning and child care?”

  1. joyce winchester

    Jul 05. 2016

    I cannot understand why some parents cannot receive funding in our service simply because they may live in another council area while working in our local authority area, surely the funding comes from the government and it is the parents right to the funding regardless of their home address.
    Also how can a parent be refused funding in a private sector setting who provide wrap around care which is a requirement for most working parents but be asked to uproot their child who may have been in the setting from a very early age and built positive relationships with peers and staff to go to a council setting who happen to have funding available, surely the funding must be for the parent to chose how to use and where they wish their child to remain. I would feel that as practitioner’s we uphold the principle’s of G.I R.F.E.C and as such the council’s should be working together to get it right for every child and their hard working parents.

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  2. Audit Scotland

    Jul 13. 2016

    Hi Joyce,

    Thank you for your interest in our work on early learning and childcare provision in Scotland. Our team would be really interested to hear more of your views on the subject. Would you mind taking a few moments to expand on your comment in our survey?

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