What happens when an application for registration is withdrawn or rejected?

Helping you manage registration for your workers

Registration 400We will tell you when applications for registration are withdrawn or rejected.

When we make a decision to withdraw or reject an application we will now tell the person who endorsed the application by email. We do this so you can take the necessary steps to make sure workers are appropriately registered.

Why would we withdraw or reject an application?

We would withdraw an application because the person applying for registration has asked that their application is withdrawn. This is usually because their circumstances have changed and they no longer need to apply for registration.

We would reject an application because it is incomplete and we have asked for more information but have not received it in the required timescale.

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  1. Deborah Wilkie

    Jul 12. 2016

    It would be helpful to know the precise reason for rejection so that we can make sure the individual addresses this properly before reapplying.

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