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We want to tell you about our latest Open Badges and answer some of your questions.

Open Badges are digital certificates recognising learning and achievement. We use them to help you recognise your learning, skills, attributes and experience.

New to Open Badges? Watch our short video to find out more:

New badges available

Want to earn your first badge or add to your collection? Here are three of our new badges that we’d recommend.

Informed about dementia
Available to people who become ‘informed about dementia’ and commit to making a positive difference for people living with dementia, their families and carers.

Engaging with children and young people 
Available to anyone working in social services who has used our Engaging with Children and Young People app.

Maintaining your ongoing learning and development 
Available to anyone working in social services who has used our Maintaining Your Ongoing Learning and Development app.

We’re adding new badges all the time. Find the full list and apply for one today at

Your top five questions answered

What can I do with an Open Badge?

Badges give you a comprehensive way of keeping track of your skills, knowledge and achievements which you can display when you need to. You can share your badges online and create an online portfolio of your badges using the Mozilla Backpack or Open Badge Passport.

When someone views a badge you have shared, they are able to see who awarded the badge, what it was for and the evidence you provided.

Badges are the perfect way for you to demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and get recognition for it.

Can I print or download a certificate?

Yes. With SSSC Open Badges, you can download a PDF certificate of your badge.

Do I need to be registered with the SSSC?

No, you don’t need to be registered with the SSSC. We have badges that are available to anyone. Take a look at the badges we offer ( and apply for any you meet the criteria for. You will find a short application form at the bottom of each badge page.

What do I need to provide to get a badge?

When applying for a badge you need to give evidence of your learning. This will be shown to anyone who you share your Open Badge with, so they can see what you did to earn the badge.

For most badges you will need to tell us what you have learned and how you have used or will use that to improve your practice. It’s important to talk about the impact of learning on your practice rather than simply summarising the content of what you learned.

For most of our badges 100 to 150 words is usually enough, but don’t feel you need to restrict yourself to text. None of us learn through a single method and the way we evidence our learning shouldn’t be any different. Use as many methods as you feel comfortable with, for example text, photographs, documents, video and audio.

Each badge has an explanation of the minimum evidence required. You should read the evidence requirements carefully otherwise your application is likely to be declined.

Find out more about providing evidence for your badge application in our short guide.

I can’t see a badge relevant to me, can I speak to someone to suggest new badges?

We’re busy working on badges already suggested by people like you. If you’d like to see badges made available for a specific learning resource, skill, knowledge or value then please get in touch. We don’t need much detail. Even an indication of the topics you’d like covered will help us make sure our badges continue to be relevant.

Create your SSSC Open Badges account today

Creating your account and starting your Open Badges journey is easy. All you need to do is tell us is your name, email address and choose a password.

Create your account here.

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  1. Sheila Armstrong

    Aug 02. 2016

    I am interested in open badges for recognition of my learning and knowledge.

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    • Robert Stewart

      Aug 08. 2016

      Hi Sheila,

      That’s great. Find out how you can do this at

      Take a look at the badges we offer and apply for any you meet the criteria for. You will find a short application form at the bottom of each badge page.


      Robert Stewart
      Learning and Development Adviser, SSSC

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  2. Lorna Manson

    Aug 03. 2016

    Fantastic company for important information

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