Sharing successful personal assistant stories

The positive difference employing personal assistants (PAs) can make to people’s lives is shared in a series of new films from Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL).

GCIL worked with their Take Control services in East Dunbartonshire and South Lanarkshire to make the films which share three stories of employing PAs using self-directed support (SDS).







The films are the latest in a series of resources created by GCIL which highlight using SDS to employ PAs by listening to and learning from the experience of others.

A book ‘Self-directed Support, Way to go!’ features the stories of 14 young disabled people who are using SDS budgets to achieve their goals, many of them by employing PAs. Here are some of their views.

‘Being in control of my support and having a good relationship with my PA has really boosted my confidence as I am the boss!’ Stuart, PA employer.

‘Having PAs has literally changed my life’ Lauren, PA employer.

‘I have PAs to support me and two of them are my friends from school.They are the same age as me and we enjoy the same things’ Chris, PA employer.

Another book ‘Direct Payments, Pure Dead Brilliant’ is a collection of 16 personal stories about how people use direct payments in varied and innovative ways. Most of the people in the book directly employ PAs and their stories show the enormous value of this employer/employee relationship.

‘Jordan is out doing the things he enjoys just like any other young person.’ Tricia, parent who employs PAs to support her son.

‘I feel like I don’t have a restricted life and I can be my own person.’ M, PA employer.

‘I enjoy the flexibility that the job offers but the most rewarding aspect is seeing that J is happy and thriving and that I and the other PAs have contributed to that.’ Jean, PA.

‘From never being out I am now never in!’ Bryan, PA employer.

The books and the films on a USB stick are available free of charge from:

Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living
117-127 Brook Street
Glasgow G40 3AP
Phone: 0141 550 4455

The films are also available on GCIL YouTube channel.

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