SSSC Open Badges to feature at MozFest 2016

From 28 to 30 October 2016 we will be at the Mozilla Festival (MozFest), a high profile technology conference where Robert Stewart, SSSC Learning and Development Adviser, will deliver sessions about how we are using Open Badges now and in the future.

MozFest brings hundreds of influential thinkers from around the world to build, debate and explore the future of a healthy internet. Mozilla created the Open Badges standard, used by the SSSC and other organisations, to help you recognise your learning, skills, attributes and experience. If this is new to you, we’ve made this short video to explain what they are and how they work.

Our MozFest sessions will start with a demonstration of our Open Badges platform. Participants will hear about the rationale behind our Open Badge development, including what works well and what we intend to improve. We’ll then explain why learner evidence, usually in the form of reflective statements, is vital if we are to accept an Open Badge as part of a registered worker’s post registration learning and training (PRTL) requirement.

We’ll share advice and materials participants can use and adapt to help learners create effective evidence for their badge applications. Although the SSSC is a Scottish public body, the discussion will focus on the benefits of Open Badges to professional regulation worldwide.

Participants will leave the session better able to design badge criteria robust enough for learners to use as evidence with a regulator or professional body. We hope this will lead to more Open Badges likely to pass our own requirements. Participants can then access a community of practice to help them apply their learning in practice.

Robert will also present on how you can use Open Badges in stages to capture learning cycles and also blend them with values to help encourage positive cultures in organisations.

MozFest takes place on 28 to 30 October 2016 at Ravensbourne College in London. Visit You’ll be able to find our sessions in the Open Badges space.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it, videos of the presentations will be available in November here on SSSC News Online.

Apply for your own Open Badges

If you can demonstrate that you’ve learned from materials produced by the SSSC you can earn an Open Badge. Visit SSSC Open Badges to take a look at the list of Open Badges currently on offer and apply if you meet the criteria.

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