Community link worker survey

Can you help identify the number and range of community link worker (CLW) initiatives currently involving the third sector in Scotland?

ConsultSurvThe Scottish Government has commissioned Voluntary Health Scotland (VHS) to carry out a scoping exercise to inform the development of a national community link worker programme.

Community link working is:

  • an approach (or range of approaches) for connecting people to non-medical sources of support or resources in the community which are likely to help with the health problems they are experiencing
  • used interchangeably with other terms, such as social prescribing, signposting, supported self-management and community referral
  • used in primary care and allows staff to draw on non-medical options to support their patients
  • used with a number of different client groups and draws on a wide range of different community based services, including arts and cultural activities, green space, debt advice, physical activity and leisure, bibliotherapy, learning, volunteering, housing advice, benefits, employment and legal advice
  • person-centred and tailored to the individual’s needs irrespective of where it is delivered.

Who should complete the survey?

Anyone working in a third sector organisation and involved in CLW programmes or services should complete the survey.

VHS will use the data to write a report describing the range and nature of CLW in the third sector in Scotland. Organisations may be identified in the report.

The survey closes on Friday 14 October 2016.

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