Changes to the length of registration periods

From 1 November 2016 the registration period for all workers will be five years, with the exception of social workers whose three year registration period will remain.

413352_SSSC_Icon_Large_RegistrationWho does this affect?

Registrants changing from a three year to a five year registration period are:

  • all workers in residential child care
  • all workers in residential school care accommodation
  • managers of housing support services
  • managers of care at home services
  • managers of care home services for adults
  • managers of adult day care services
  • Care Inspectorate inspectors.

I’m registered. What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything. Your registration will change to a five year registration period when you renew your registration. Your annual fee will continue to be due each year and post registration training and learning (PRTL) requirements will stay the same as in your original registration.

Workers who have yet to register

All workers, except social workers, registered on or after 1 November 2016 will have a five year registration period.

7 Responses to “Changes to the length of registration periods”

  1. Allison Wilson

    Oct 03. 2016

    I have changed from a Support Assistant to Support Worker are my fees the same?

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  2. Brenda

    Oct 03. 2016

    What will gonna happen for those who have been registered already but no qualification ever met yet?
    SCA from abroad with UK-NARIC equivakent only and nursing home won’t allow us to do further training to meet the required requirements for registration?

    Kindly help us please!

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    • Rebecca

      Oct 05. 2016

      Dear Brenda,

      Thank you for getting in touch.

      If you are registered with us with the condition to gain a relevant qualification you should continue to make every effort to achieve this. When your condition expires we will assess your situation and make a decision whether to give you more time to gain the qualification. Each case is looked at on an individual basis taking circumstances into account and we will tell you our decision at that time.

      More information regarding the change of registration periods will be provided when it takes effect on 1 November 2016.

      Kind regards

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  3. Karen seaton

    Oct 06. 2016

    I was wondering when my registration is due as i’ve forgot my password sorry

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  4. Elaine Morrison

    Nov 02. 2016

    My registration is for 5 years, from 2013-2018. Do I have to pay an annual fee also? I haven’t received a reminder

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