Do you have an inspirational example of evidence in action?

The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS) want to find out what is working for people, how the use of evidence is being encouraged and put into action.

irissThey would like to capture and showcase inspirational examples from across Scotland’s social services of how organisations are effectively supporting the translation of evidence into action. This could include structures, processes or supports (such as resources, roles or initiatives) that are in place to implement change using evidence and the impact this has generated.

It doesn’t have to be huge initiatives; it can be small changes too. IRISS are using a wide understanding of evidence (for example knowledge from organisational practice, research evidence or service user experience) and would welcome submissions that have based action on any of these types of evidence. They want to share the examples they collect, find out what is working now and try and learn what might help others use evidence in their work.

To do this, IRISS will write a report based on the submissions and hold a showcase event in early 2017 to bring together national social service organisations that will have central roles in supporting the messages that come out of the submissions.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 11 November 2016.

This activity is part of the Improving Use of Evidence strand of the Social Services in Scotland a shared vision and strategy 2015-2020.

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