Paying your annual fee

It’s important you remember to pay your annual fee.

413352_SSSC_Icon_Large_RegistrationIf you don’t, your registration will end and you will not be able to continue to work until you reapply and regain registration.

You can pay your annual fee through MySSSC but we recommend you set up a Direct Debit to make sure you are not removed from our Register.

Find out about the different ways you can pay your fees and set up your Direct Debit.

When is my fee due?

Your annual fee is due on the anniversary your registration date, for example if you were registered on 1 January 2010 your annual fee will be due on 1 January every year.

You can find out the date of your registration by clicking on the Registrations tab on your MySSSC account.

We will contact you around one month before your annual fee is due and two months before your renewal fee is due to remind you, so please remember to keep your contact details up to date in MySSSC.

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