Supporting people on SVQs – a new research report

We have published a research report into the effectiveness of different methods and approaches of supporting staff to gain the required underpinning knowledge to complete SVQs Social Services and Healthcare at SCQF level 7 and Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF level 7.

Your learningAs the workforce regulator and sector skills council, we are responsible for learning and development in social services and wanted to establish what support SVQ candidates get to gain underpinning knowledge in preparation for learning.

The objective of the research and report was to:

  • show that workers registering with Social Services and Healthcare and Social Services (Children and Young People) SVQs at SCQF level 7 have the necessary knowledge to carry out the functions of their roles
  • provide valuable insight into different methods of support for candidates undertaking these SVQs at SCQF level 7
  • provide evidence to employers, learning providers and funding agencies on the different methods used to support candidates to prepare for learning on the job’ regarding knowledge and understanding so supporting programmes such as modern apprenticeships
  • assist and inform future National Occupational Standards (NOS) development
  • identify any future potential opportunities for study
  • inform guidance on best practice for the effective methods of delivering and embedding knowledge and understanding in preparation for learning in SVQs
  • strengthen the evidence base of knowledge acquisition to support recognition of prior learning (RPL) when qualifications are presented for entry into higher education programmes.

This report met its objectives and provides positive evidence of how employers and training providers are supporting workers to gain underpinning knowledge relevant to their qualification at SCQF level 7.

The report may lead to further research into how candidates completing SVQs at SCQF level 6 and 9 get support to gain the underpinning knowledge relevant to their qualifications.

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