SSSC publishes annual report and accounts 2015/2016

The SSSC increased its Register of social service workers by more than 13,000 and consulted on both the review of the Codes of Practice (the set of national standards for all social service workers in Scotland) and the move to a new model of regulation over the past year.

These are just some of the year’s highlights outlined in the SSSC annual report and accounts 2015/16. The report gives an overview of our work and how we have managed our resources as we work towards the outcomes in our strategic plan.

Highlights over the past year include the following.

  • Our Register grew from 79,645 in March 2015 to 93,129 people on the Register at March 2016.
  • We saw an 11% increase in referrals to us of concerns about registered workers and applicants on the previous year.
  • We closed 2,678 cases and 12.5% resulted in us taking action. Sanctions range from a warning to removal from the Register.
  • 93% of new applications and 97% of renewals now happen online. And 80% of social service employers are now using MySSSC.
  • We produced more than 14 resources to help learning and development in the sector including apps such as SafeMed and Making Better Decisions.
  • We consulted on the revised Codes of Practice and the fitness to practise model of regulation.

Anna Fowlie, Chief Executive of the SSSC said:

‘One in every 13 people employed in Scotland works in social services. They have a huge impact on our lives as every one of us will use these services at some point. Our annual report gives a picture of what we have done in the last year and shows how we are working with employers and other partners as the scope of registration continues to grow. This means an increase in all areas of our work, from registration, an increasing number of fitness to practise cases and growing workforce development activities. In 2015/16 we focused on reviewing and improving two key areas – the Codes of Practice and the system of regulation we use, involving people all over Scotland in these reviews, and ready to launch on November 1 2016.

‘I believe that our work in improving and developing the skills and confidence of our registrants and setting the standards for their practice means that, as citizens, we will have the right people in the right place to do these complex and challenging jobs.’

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