Self-directed Support Strategy Implementation Plan 2016-2018 launched

The Scottish Government has launched phase three of the Self-directed Support Strategy – the Implementation Plan for 2016-2018.

Set against four of Scottish Government’s strategic outcomes, the plan sets out what has started to change, what national partners will do during 2016-2018 to address the challenges that have been identified and what success will look like.

The priority for 2016-2018 is to consolidate the learning from innovative practice and the application of guidance and to embed self-directed support as Scotland’s mainstream approach to social care.

The Self-directed Support Strategy

The Self-directed Support Strategy 2010-2020 is a joint Scottish Government and COSLA 10-year plan, dedicated to the personalisation of social care in Scotland.

In the first phase of the strategy, from 2010-2012, information was developed to promote understanding of self-directed support.

The second phase, 2012-2016, focused on development of the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013, guidance, and supporting innovation.

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