Are you a newly qualified social worker? Remember your PRTL

If you registered as a newly qualified social worker in the last year remember you need to carry out 144 hours of post registration training and learning (PRTL).

At least 30 hours of your learning or training must relate to the protection of children and adults from harm.

PRTL doesn’t have to be structured training – there is a variety of activities that can contribute to your PRTL including independent research, job shadowing and Open Badges.

You can also find guidance and examples to help you complete your PRTL on our website.

Are you full time or part time?

If you work full time as a social worker you need to complete your PRTL within the first 12 months of your date of registration. If you work as a part time social worker you have 18 months from your date of registration.

We will send you a reminder two months before your due date to ask you to submit your PRTL for assessment.

Record your PRTL in your MySSSC account.

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