Modern apprenticeships – growing the skills we need now and in the future

As part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week, we spoke to Sandra Ross, Managing Director at Bon Accord Care who provide adult social care services in Aberdeen and who run their own modern apprenticeship programme.

Modern apprenticeships (MAs) offer employees’ high quality work based learning. Workers learn on the job and develop their skills through experience.

Bon Accord Care decided to take on MAs to support and interest young people in the social care profession by providing opportunities for development that leads to a positive career path, in a sector in which values are fundamental.

They also recognise the challenges the health and social care sector will face to attract new staff, as demographics change over time, and are enthusiastic to be involved with initiatives to encourage young people into our organisation.

Sharing knowledge and growing skills

MAs are an invaluable opportunity to share knowledge and start to grow the skills we need now and in the future.

Bon Accord currently have four MAs in post, with four more going through staff induction training to start in the next month.

Sandra Ross, Managing Director at Bon Accord Care said:

‘Our modern apprentices have a can-do attitude and we are pleased with the levels of enthusiasm and engagement they have shown. They are working on their own initiative, integrating well with the team, taking on more complex tasks and increasing their levels of independence, confidence and skill set.

‘In 2016, 37% of our workforce was aged 55 and over. This increases significantly to 65%, when we include the age bracket of 45 and over. Given this level of experience, we have a very knowledgeable and skilled workforce, and are seeking ways to share these skills with future generations.

‘We recognise the benefits that multi-generational working can bring, and fully embrace this to ensure they are realised for our company, staff team and ultimately, the people who use our services. Each ‘generation’ within our staff team have their own unique skills that collectively helps shape our culture; one that promotes learning and embeds our values, as we connect to knowledge of the past and continue to look to the future.

‘I believe that by actively investing in our young people, through modern apprenticeships, we will gain the future benefits, both as a company and within the wider health and social care workforce. This investment will facilitate a positive career pathway that rewards staff for the valuable contribution they make’.

Are you an employer or manager and want to find out more about modern apprenticeships?

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