Celebrating apprenticeships at the SSSC

As well as having a role in social service apprenticeships, we also offer modern apprenticeships (MA) at the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). MAs are an alternative to full time college or university where you learn on the job, get experience while being paid and gain a qualification.

Meg Brady and Kavanah Connell work in the Registration Team and are completing MAs in Business and Administration. Here Meg and Kavanagh tell us about being a MA at the SSSC.


‘Before starting with the SSSC as a MA, I was studying National Progression Award (NPA) Business and Enterprise at Dundee and Angus College. I became an
MA as it’s a good way of

being educated while also gaining confidence within in a workplace.

‘I carry out the role of a Registration Assistant and as I complete tasks, I can use these as evidence for my assessment plan and ultimately gaining my SVQ qualification.

‘The best part is the knowledge you gain while working and interacting with work colleagues. I would encourage people to become a MA, as it’s a good way of learning while also having the responsibility of carrying out your duties in a workplace.’

Meg Brady

‘Before I became a MA I was at St Pauls RC Academy completing my last year in school. I decided that I didn’t want to go down the college or university route and I wanted to build my confidence in another type of environment to prepare me for the future.

‘Day to day my role includes composing emails and answering phone calls to applicants or registrants. I work independently to reach and gather the evidence required to complete the units I need to achieve my SVQ 3 in Admin and Business.  An assessor observes me at work and helps me through this

‘I would say the best think about being a MA is that you can get the experience of working life while gaining your qualifications. I also enjoy how you are treated the same as every other employee and build good relationships with colleagues. C
ompleting the apprenticeship and SVQ has improved my communication skills with others and has given me a big confidence boost. I’m feeling more comfortable and confident in my job role already.

‘I would definitely encourage more people to become a MA because it is a great way to build the start of your career and confidence, to learn and earn money at the same time.’

Benefit to employers

Cheryl Campbell, Registration Manager said:

‘When we recruit for Registration Assistants we are inundated with applications from people with very relevant experience and skills which puts young people with no experience in a disadvantaged position. Meg and Kavanah are hardworking and very keen to learn and develop, so it’s great we can offer them this opportunity.’

Lainney Reid, Systems Development Manager said:

‘Having MAs has made us review and change our induction and training for staff, especially new staff. It made us think of ways to explain things to new staff that are completely jargon free or without reference to previous employment. Having done this we realise this could be extended to all staff and not just an MA.’

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