Learning from the Chief Social Work Officer qualification

Chief Social Work Officers (CSWO) have responsibility for the values and standards of professional practice and through their leadership support all social work and social service staff.

CSWOs Kathryn Lindsay, Angus Council and Susan Taylor, East Ayrshire Council talk about how studying for the CSWO qualification is improving their skills and knowledge and the difference this is making to their own and others leadership.

About the qualification

The qualification is underpinned by the Standard for Chief Social Work Officers and attracts 120 credits at Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) level 11. After the postgraduate diploma, there is also an option to proceed to a Masters.

The Standard for Chief Social Work Officers aims to reflect the roles and responsibilities of CSWOs. It is a reference point for CSWOs and the foundation for the delivery and assessment of the Postgraduate Diploma Chief Social Work Officer. Glasgow Caledonian University accredits the qualification and jointly delivers it with the University of Dundee. The SSSC also approves the qualification.

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