New children’s services data report

We have published the Children’s Services Workforce 2015 report which provides a more detailed breakdown of the workforce in children’s services than was previously available.

The services examined in the report are day care of children, residential child care and school care accommodation.

In the past, we have only published data on children’s services at the level of the type of service (for example, all day care of children services). However, more detailed data is available for each of these service types so we can examine the different sub-types (for example, creches, playgroups, nurseries etc.).

In the last year we received lots of requests for more detailed data on those working in day care of children and residential child care services. In most cases this is because of developments taking place, for example, the increase in day care of children service provision to 1140 hours of free care from 2021.

When we met data users from the sector at our workforce data events in November and December last year they told us they would value a more detailed report on children’s services so this report provides that more detailed data.

Data is broken down by the type of employer, numbers of staff and services, the hours worked by staff, whether staff are part time or full time, their gender, job function and type of contract.

As with all our workforce data, this report aims to improve understanding of the social service workforce and support the development of policy and workforce planning at a national level, as well as local planning and that done by individual employers. Employers can also use the data to benchmark and compare their workforce against others working in similar services with the same or different types of employers, for example comparing the balance of part-time and full-time staff they have against the average for their type of service.

We welcome feedback on the report. Please send your comments to James Arnold, SSSC Data Researcher at

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