Next steps for the Review of Social Work Education

The Review of Social Work Education (RSWE) will continue this year with the SSSC leading work on a number of the recommendations from phase two.

As part of the RSWE we will:

  • revise, publish and implement an updated Framework and Standards in Social Work Education
  • explore graduate-level apprenticeships and other work-based routes into social work with the sector
  • develop a new Standard for Continuous Professional Learning for social service workers.

The following recommendations from phase two of the RSWE will need further work on implementation and funding implications so Scottish Ministers can consider them fully.

  • Development of a shared approach to social work professional learning.
  • Introduction of a mandatory, supported year for newly qualified social workers (NQSW).
  • Widening access to social work education.

A broad stakeholder group and partnership approach has guided the RSWE so far and this will continue with a new representative group that will act as a sounding board for the continuing work. It will have representatives from:

  • SSSC
  • universities
  • Social Work Scotland
  • Scottish Association of Social Workers.

You can read the Summary report on the revision of the Standards in Social Work Education consultation on our website.

The SSSC’s Professional Learning Team will be leading the work and if you have any questions please contact

If you have any general questions about the RSWE please contact


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