SSSC Open Badges – what does ‘evidence’ mean?

Using Open Badges makes it easy to digitally record your achievements and skills. But first you need to provide us with evidence of what you’ve learned.

To make sure we have the right information we need to issue your Open Badge we’ve created a short video explaining what we mean by ‘evidence’ and what you can send in.

The evidence you provide is the most important part of your badge. As well as using it to decide if we should award you the badge, anyone you show your badge to can read it and see what you did to gain the badge.

To help you write the best evidence you can and get the badge you want on your first attempt, we’ve put together a twenty-minute video presentation. It explains what evidence is, why it is important and shows you how to provide the best evidence you can. At the end of the video, you’ll get an opportunity to put what you have learned into practice and earn an Open Badge for it.



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