How up to date is your registration?

When you register with us, there are up to 5 things you need to do to keep your registration up to date.
  1. Keep us informed

It’s important you tell us about changes in your circumstances. You can do this quickly through your MySSSC account. Visit our website to find out what you need to tell us about.

  1. Pay your fees

Once you are registered, you will pay an annual fee to keep your name on the SSSC Register. Setting up a direct debit is quick and easy and it will give you peace of mind that you won’t forget.

  1. Post registration training and learning (PRTL)

You have to carry out and record a specified number of hours of training and learning throughout your registration period. Maintaining and developing effective knowledge, skills and values will help you to deliver good practice when working with people who use services, their families and carers. You can use your MySSSC account to keep a record of your PRTL.

  1. Meet your registration condition

A registration condition usually means you did not hold all the qualifications required for the role you are working in at the time of your registration. You will normally have the first period of registration (five years) to gain this qualification. This does not apply to social workers or student social workers.

  1. Renew your registration on time

Before your registration period ends we will contact you with information on how to renew your registration. It is important that you renew your registration to stay on the Register.

Social workers are registered for three years and students do not renew their registration. For all other workers, registration lasts for five years.

For more information about keeping your registration up to date watch this short video.

Getting in touch with us about your registration

When phoning or emailing please have at least three security details handy, for example, date of birth, National Insurance number, work place, home address.

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