SSSC meets industry skills and standards Code of Practice

The SSSC has been assessed as exceeding the Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards (FISSS) Code of Practice. The assessment was part of the UK wide Skills for Care and Development (SfCD) partnership of which SSSC is a member.

The FISSS Code of Practice is a mark of quality awarded to trustworthy skills development organisations. It uses a set of minimum standards to confirm the organisation’s work is representative, impartial and sustainable for the long term health of the sector it represents.

The other members of the SfCD partnership are the Northern Ireland Social Care Council, Skills for Care and Social Care Wales. In achieving the Code, the partners have demonstrated that both when working together and when working individually they are the trusted employer-led organisation for shaping standards, qualifications, apprenticeships and career pathways in the social service sector.

Receiving the Code of Practice certificate SSSC Chief Executive Anna Fowlie said:

‘I’m really pleased to accept this certificate on behalf of SSSC. Our role in setting the standards for skills and qualifications for the social service sector is vital in making sure the workforce is suitably equipped to provide high quality services.

‘I’m particularly pleased that we were found to have exceeded the standard. Our work with career ambassadors and our events being widely advertised and easy to book were specific strengths mentioned. We look forward to continuing to meet and exceed the standards in future.’

The Code recognises that the SfCD partnership provides reputable leadership for skills and career development and is able to represent employers’ collective views on skills issues to policy makers and governments across the UK.

Linda Currin, SfCD UK Coordinator, said:

‘All four partners have worked really hard with FISSS in recent months to show how we meet the rightly rigorous standards in the FISSS Code of Practice. We are proud that the partnership has been recognised as having a high quality trusted role with employers and a genuine impact on the work millions of people in our sector do every day to support people in their communities.’

More information on the Code of Practice is available at

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